Starlite Replication? (Video of Homemade Heat Resistant Material)

Someone on the Journal of Nuclear Physics posted a link to a video by Ben on the YouTube Channel NightHawkInLight in which he provides instructions on how to replicate a material similar to ‘Starlite’ which was invented by a British hairdresser and inventor named Maurice Ward. Ward invented a material that could resist temperatures beyond 10000C.

From Ward’s page on Wikipedia

This invention gained much publicity in the 1990s, after he was featured on the British television series Tomorrow’s World, holding a blowtorch directly to an egg that had been coated in Starlite. After five minutes under direct contact with the flame, the egg was cracked open, revealing a completely raw egg inside. The invention worked so well that the egg had not even begun to cook

Ward died in 2011 before he had told anyone outside his family about the ingredients for the invention. He was very protective of the invention and would not let the material out of his sight because he feared it would be reverse engineered.

In this video, Ben shows how he makes a material out of baking soda, cornstarch and glue that he believes is similar to Starlite, showing its apparently impressive heat resistance properties.