Black Swan Trumpets Paradigm Shift in Energy (JD Sweeney)

The following post has been submitted by JD Sweeney.

The E-Cat SK is designed for industrial-use heat, ranging from simple space heating to higher temperatures needed for on-site electricity generation.

Twenty percent lower heating costs signals conversion of remaining fossil and nuclear power plants to LENR fuel -and a return to lower transportation fuel costs.

With the arrival of affordable and clean LENR energy, attention switches from polluting and radioactive fuels, to poor people in drastic need of clean water, food, and electricity.

Balanced analysis and reporting of impacts of a real energy revolution is the duty of ethical journalists and publishers worldwide.

Market entry of Andrea Rossi’s industrial compact reactor ends media and scientific hyping of a lengthy energy transition.

No radioactive fuel input, no radioactive waste, no greenhouse gas generated -and no generally accepted theory.

With the atomic doomsday clock at 11:58, the LENR breakthrough may be just in time.

The January 2019 online launch of LENR is a historic event, but with only two minutes left, a proven breakthrough implemented too slowly could be no solution at all.

JD Sweeney