Pre-E-Cat Presentation Thread

In preparation for the E-Cat presentation, I will be traveling today. I thought I’d put up a new thread that can be in place until just before the live presentation on Thursday.

If people have questions ahead of time that they would like to be addressed by Andrea Rossi during the event, this would be a good place to place to post them. I am compiling a document and organizing questions ahead of time.

There will also be many questions that I am sure will come up in the course of the presentation itself, which can be posted on the thread that will be started. People can also email me questions,  or post them on the E-Cat World Facebook page — —  which I will also be monitoring during the presentation.

If for any reason, E-Cat World should go down, I will be using the Facebook page above as a backup. The video streaming will have their own independence links that will be posted just prior to the event at, I will also post them here and on Facebook.

I will be checking in here whenever I can and provide any updates that might be needed.