Updated Video Posted of E-Cat Presentation (Better Audio)

Following the presentation yesterday there were reports that it was difficult to hear Andrea Rossi’s voice, so the video has been adjusted to boost the volume of his voice and is now posted on YouTube at the link below.


Here are a few of my impressions of the event. I read where someone posted that Rossi sounded like he was at ‘death’s door’, and going by voice alone, I can understand why someone might get that impression. However after spending many hours around him , I observed him to be active and energetic, and very sharp and involved in conversation. It’s obviously frustrating for him when his voice gives out on him, and as days wear on it gets harder for him to speak above a whisper.

As far as the event itself goes, I was not made privy to any secret information beyond what was shared in the presentation. The video showed was pre-recorded so I saw only what other viewers saw. I did not find out who his customer was, nor anything about his business partners or his factory, except that he said that it was in a secret location, because he wanted to work in peace.

Rossi told me a few things about the E-Cat that was on display which he showed at the presentation. Inside the blue box is the controller and the E-Cat. He said the two pipes sticking out of the top of the box (cool-in, hot-out) can be used for any gas or fluid. The case for the box is a perspex-type material. He said that if you were to touch it while the E-Cat was running (it was not), it would not feel hot because he said everything inside was insulated.

As far as the general public goes, I don’t think this event provides much new proof that the E-Cat works as Andrea Rossi claims it does, but the purpose of the event was not to do that. He is now looking for customers to buy his heat. I personally think if he wanted to provide more in the way of evidence that the E-Cat is what he claims, he could do so quite easily, but as has been apparent for years, he is extremely careful about providing information that he thinks could jeopardize his intellectual property.

It is clear he thinks and operates like an industrialist and CEO of his company. In his comments yesterday he emphasized that Leonardo Corporation is the owner of the IP, and would outlive him, and that he has to operate to protect the interests of its investors and licensees.

Whether his current business plan works to bring him the customers that he is looking for remains to be seen. If it doesn’t, my guess is that he will try something new.