Rossi on the Energy Gain of the E-Cat in Spectometer Signature

During my time in Miami getting ready for the presentation, Andrea Rossi was showing particular interest in one portion of the video of the spectrometer readings that were shown at the presentation, and he asked for a section to be enlarged, which he commented on during his remarks:

He stated this during the presentation:

“This particular will be of interest to scientists, if any, are listening to us. In this section of the spectrometer that here has been enlarged, we have a signature of 437.2 nanometers and this signature is important because it is a possible indication of the existence of picometric aggregates whose high density, I think, is at the origin of the energy gain and should be this thing that turns up the reactions of the effect.”

I asked him if he could provide something in writing about this and he sent this:

” This photo of the spectrum shows the peak at 437.3 nanometers. It is a very important signature, because, as I wrote in my article on Researchgate here, in paragraph 4, the presence of this line in the E-Cat SK plasma spectrum is a possible indication of the existence of neutral picometric aggregates  generated by the effect of virtual particles pairs “