A Synopsis of Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter (GEC Technical Report, 2019)

Thanks to Joseph J. for posting a link to a new report written by Lawrence Forsley and Pamela Mosier Boss, both of Global Energy Corporation, titled “A Synopsis of Nuclear Reactions in Condensed Matter”


The report is a synopsis of refereed publications in the field of Condensed Matter/LENR which focus on the co-deposition protocol which the authors have written about previously, providing many references to articles and papers in the field.

They write:

Most important, the co-deposition protocol discussed in many of these papers show independent reproducibility and replication across multiple laboratories in five countries negating two primary criticisms of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science (CMNS): irreproducibility and lack of independent replication. The significance of condensed matter nuclear reactions cannot be overstated. Successful commercialization will be paradigm shifting, to  say the least.