Rossi: Working on Direct Electricity Production from the E-Cat via Photovoltaics

True to form, Andrea Rossi is embarking on another round of improvement of the E-Cat. He has been mentioning recently that he is working on direct electrical production from the E-Cat, and making some progress.

Gerard McEk asked a question about the need to continue the R&D effort when he has just launched the industrial E-Cat SK:

Gerard McEk
March 2, 2019 at 3:20 PM
Dear Andrea,
I’m a bit surprised that you are still further researching the E-cat as I understood from a previous question that you would be putting all your energy in getting the E-cat into full production and acquiring more orders in this period.
Is there a special reason that you continued researching the E-Cat on its direct electrical output capabilities?
Thanks and kind regards, Gerard

Rossi’s reply:

Andrea Rossi
March 3, 2019 at 3:36 AM
Gerard McEk:
We are a high technology company. R&D can never stop. When a company like Leonardo Corporation stops R&D its death starts its course. We are making important inventions that are the future of us, while we are focusing on the diffusion of our Ecats. When our competitors will reach what we are doing now ( it will take 3-5 years at the least ), we will be again years ahead of them with our new “divisions”.
Warm Regards,

When asked about the means of direct electrical production he was working on, Rossi stated: “We are studying a new kind of P.V. system.”

Pekka Janhunen asked, “How large conversion efficiency do you want for direct electricity production, in order to consider it worthwhile? Is ten percent enough?” Rossi responded, “Yes”.

So the R&D continues, soon after the initial product launch. I suppose this is not too surprising, as this is the case with almost all technology companies. Rossi is a driven inventor, and has is eye on competition. I think he expects competitors to have success and wants to make sure he is always well ahead of them.