Water Memory, Like Cold Fusion, Rejected by the Establishment (Alain Samoun)

The following post has been submitted by Alain Samoun.

A parallel: How water memory and cold fusion are rejected by the establishment.

The story starts in 1980’s with a French MD named Jacques Benveniste, the head of a laboratory at the French medical research institution INSERM. In one of his experiment, repeated many times, Benveniste, a specialist in allergy studies, found that some biological molecules, linked to allergy and dissolved in water, conserved their biochemical properties, even after the original solution was diluted so many times that not a single active molecule could by then have been present any more in the solution.

He concluded that the transmission of the biological information could be related to the molecular organization of water. The publication of his results started a controversy and the ire of the French scientific establishment, which linked the Benveniste work to the repudiated homeopathy. At the end it was rejected and even called a “fraud”, “junk science”, “a disgrace to French science” etc…. Benvenist, under these attacks, lost the financing of his research then finally his laboratory.

Benveniste continued his research with private funding and he developed even more interesting discoveries: The imprint of certain molecules on water conserves the electromagnetism properties of the original molecule which could then be digitally recorded and used to reconstitute the molecule in another solution. This work was again condemned by the French scientific elite, even after that the experiment was replicated by others, and supported by two Nobel prize winners : Brian Josephson, physicist, well known for his support of cold fusion and Luc Montagner a French biologist who received a Nobel prize for his discovery of the HIV (AIDS) virus.

Exhausted by the fight against critics of his work, Benvenist died in 2004. Professor Montagner continued his work on water memory, but still is criticized in France, even with his Nobel distinction. Unable to get government support in his own country, Montagner is now working in a Chinese university.

The following movie shows a 2014 water memory experiment live in front of a TV camera in Paris: DNA molecules of HIV virus are diluted many times in pure water. The DNA imprint in the water produces electromagnetic signal as the real molecule does. That signal is recorded and transmitted as a file, via internet, to a university in Italy. The Italian scientists reconstitute in their lab the original DNA molecule in a water solution from the received file.

This feat is not yet well explained theoretically, we have to use quantum physics for an explanation of how the water records and keeps the structure of the DNA, but it opens right now many doors for the future using the memory property of water. For example the possibility to detect and cure diseases with waves and, maybe because 99% of the molecules in our body are made of water, to know one day the major mechanism of life. Against their respective critics and opposed interests, we know that cold fusion/LENR and the water memory fields will be widely recognized and will change our society, we hope not too late and for the best of humanity.