Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) ‘Magnet Motor’ Earth Engine Shown Operating in Las Vegas Location (Video)

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for posting a link to a video showing a ‘Magnet Motor’ in action at the premises of Shooting Range Industries in Las Vegas, Nevada. The motor is created by a company called Inductance Energy Corporation (IEC) whose website is here: The company states that it is the “is the worldwide exclusive licensee of Magnetic Propulsion”

The company’s flagship product is called Earth Engine, invented by Dennis M. Danzik. Here is a short description from the company’s website here:

“Magnetic propulsion is the science of moving a mass (such as a flywheel, vehicle, elevator) in a rotary reciprocating, linear, or vertical direction solely by means of controlling permanent, imbalanced magnetic radiation (field). Using the repulsion (opposing force) as a fuel source, the IEC Earth Engine, driven by Magnetic Propulsion, eliminates the need for any other fuel source, such as traditional fossil fuels, wind, solar, geothermal, or biomass.

“Magnetic propulsion also allows for the zero-contact operation of variable speed transmissions, drive shafts, reducers, and other devices that normally require gears, sprockets, chains, or belts. This provides a near friction-free connection between power source and final selected device, such as a pump, compressor, or generator.”

The youtube video shows what is apparently an Earth Engine which is claimed to produce 25kw while consuming 700 W of what is described as ‘parasitic load’.

From the YouTube description:

A factory in Las Vegas is home to the world’s first (and definitely not the last) ‘Earth Engine’. Fueled only by polarity-modified rare earth magnets, the EE can generate 25 kwh of power for years on end. While it’s truly amazing and potentially Earth-changing, what it ISN’T is a perpetual motion machine, as magnets eventually wear out. Many more motors are scheduled to be installed soon.


One comment on the YouTube from the video’s author states:

“The motor is not connected to an outside power source. The 700W is a parasitic load. I cannot comment on the tech specs. When patents are final it will reveal more.”

There are videos on this page that provide a good introduction to the Earth Engine. The basic claim is they have found a way to harness the magnetic force between permanent magnets, and convert it into torque.