Primer for Kickstarter to Translate Alexander Parkhomov’s book – SPACE. EARTH. MAN. (Bob Greenyer)

Here is a video from Bob Greenyer who is preparing to launch a Kickstarter fundraiser to fund the translation of a book originally published in Russian by Alexander Parkhomov titled: “Space. Earth. Man: New Facets on Science”

Here is a description of the book.

Dark matter research from the time of its discover was really only of interest to astronomers, cosmologists and exotic scientists.

In recent year, however, after the accumulation of a critical mass of knowledge, it has become clear that this is not just an illusive substance, dissolved in an infinite universe, but that it is an important source of connections between space and the biosphere.

We are accustomed to the fact that influencing the course of processes implies changing their speed or intensity. This in essence is the basis of all modern technology. Apparently, however, there is another type of process variability which manifests itself in the change in the order of behavior of the system’s parts. This can occur regardless of energy changes. Perhaps searching in this direction will allow us to overcome the crisis in modern natural science and open up the possibility of a new level of knowledge about in which we live.

Funds raised over and above the $7000 goal will allow Bob respond to invitations to travel to Moscow and visit five private labs and two government labs of Russian LENR researchers.

This link is to a draft table of contents for the book: