“If Gravity can do This, What is Gravity?” (Bob Greenyer Video)

Bob talks about a 1999 article written by Shu-wen Zhou from 21st Century Science Technology titled “Abnormal Physical Phenomena When the Sun, Moon and, Earth are Aligned”. Prof. Zhou states in the introduction to the article:

“During the period when the three bodies — the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth — are in an approximately straight line, there appear some inexplicable anomalies of physical character. These include an unusual force of horizontal oscillation, strange charges in the pattern of grain sequence in crystals, changes in wavelength of emission spectra, and changes in the rate of speed of atomic clocks.”

Bob sees a connection between these ideas and those of Dr. Alexander Parkhomov whose book “SPACE. EARTH. MAN.” he is preparing to translate.

Bob also reviews an interview published in Infinite Energy magazine with Martin Fleischmann in which Dr. Fleischmann discusses other areas of interest such as gravitation, thermionic diodes, and the behavior of electrons in metals. He also sees connections between these ideas and the recently published patent from the U.S. Navy dealing with room temperature superconductivity, and also the work of John Hutchinson.

Bob’s discussion is in this video on YouTube.