Video Tour of Inductance Energy Corporation’s (IEC) Earth Engine ‘Training Center’/Factory

This is a new video showing a tour of the Inductance Energy Corporation [IEC] factory floor (30,000 square feet) — also known as a ‘training center’ — in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they make and display the ‘magnet motor’ Earth Engine. Visitors are shown various versions of the Earth Engine, and are shown some videos of inventor Dennis Danzik talking about the motor and demonstrating its operation.

Danzik states that they have to put a little bit of ‘inertia power’ into the motor to get it going, and then gives it a push.

He also shows a simple experiment using a razor blade showing how the magnetic field used in the Earth Engine is directed. From one direction the blade is attracted to the magnet, from another, even though it is in close proximity to the magnet, there is no attraction.

They state that Earth Engines will be manufactured in different states in the United States, and they seem to be looking for manufacturing partners in every state.

They show some of the parts used to make up the Earth Engine, and show an Earth Engine in action.