Brillouin Energy Video: ‘A New Era of Energy’

Brillouin Energy have released a new video promoting their technology as an alternative to fossil fuels which they say are putting our civilization in danger.

Quote from the video.

“After fifteen years of research, Brillouin has built a solution that removes our need to choose. Brillouin Energy is developing high-tech boilers which rely on low-energy nuclear reactions to produce safe, green low-cost power. Think of it as an energy amplifier, that turns one unit of energy into many units without any toxic waste or dangerous radioactivity.”

The video implies that they are in need of funding their technology off the ground. Viewers are told “you can help us bring it to the market, check our website to learn how you can end the global dependence on fossil fuels”. The website announces that currently a Series D sale is underway, and a link to, a site for accredited investors in the United States.