New Ni-Li-H LENR Patent Application: “Method of Generating Thermal Energy”

Thanks to Jonas Matuzas for providing this link to a patent application submitted to the United States Patent Office by Power Heat Energy, a Czech Republic company.

The inventors are Oleg Olshansky (CZ), Emanuel Hubeny (CZ), and Andrey Kolosov (RU)

The publication date was March 28, 2019.

From the Abstract:

“The invention belongs to the category of devices used for thermal energy generation based on the principles of low energy nuclear synthesis – so-called LENR reactions . . . The heater is constructed as a porous ceramic electrically conductive tubular element made of a high-temperature withstanding ceramic and a reaction material comprising a mixture of metallic powders in the form of metal powder of the elements of the 10th group of Periodic Table, such as nickel (Ni), and a fuel mixture containing the chemical elements lithium (Li) and hydrogen (H), proportionately distributed inside the pores in a ratio ranging between 10 and 80 % of the surface of the heater pores . . .”