Australian Company Claims New HERO Technology can be Clean Replacement for Coal

Thanks to Gerard McEk for bringing attention to this article from the Australian Herald news site (posted in the Always Open) thread:

The article is about a technology developed by an Australian company Star Scientific (and verified by a University of Newcastle chemistry professor) called HERO [Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser].

Here is an excerpt from the article:

‘The technology was created after the surprise discovery of a special material.

“We were working on a number of background inventions while looking at nuclear fusion,” Mr Horvath said.

“We were making different materials to work with this. One of the materials exhibited a really odd process when we put hydrogen to it.

“It heated up very quickly to around 800 to 900 degrees.”

They kept testing it.

“We repeated it dozens of times and perfected it over the last two years,” he said.

When the material is coated on a range of metals and mixed with hydrogen and oxygen, it gets “incredibly hot over a number of minutes”.

He said the company had discovered “a true catalyst”.

“The energy created stays within the base material. That allows us to then transmit that energy to anything we want.”‘

On the Star Scientific website, a video describes the technology (

“Hydrogen and oxygen are fed into the HERO system where they interact with a secret catalyst to generate heat. This heat is used in different ways to create zero-emission energy. HERO rapidly reaches temperatures in excess of 700C meaning it will efficiently meet baseload and peak power demands. This permanent source of heat is flameless and completely safe. Renewables like solar and wind will be used to produce clean hydrogen for the HERO process”