Chinese Patent: “Heat Resource Device Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction”

Heat Resource Device Based on Low Energy Nuclear Reaction

The invention relates to the technical field of new energy sources, and discloses a heat resource device based on a low-energy nuclear reaction. The heat resource device based on the low-energy nuclear reaction is characterized in that only a little of external electric energy is consumed to activate nano fuel in a reactor so that the nano fuel release huge heat energy and light energy. The heat resource device based on the low-energy nuclear reaction is mainly formed by a discharging reaction container, a nano fuel assembly, a pressure container, a control system, an excitation system, an air supply system, a voltage stabilizer, a heat exchanger, a coolant circulating pump, and a heat-preserving housing. After the device starts the excitation system, the reactor is immediately operated, the reactor releases the energy in a mode of heat mainly, and output energy is far greater than input energy. Excessive ionization radiation is not generated in the precondition of safely outputting the industrial heat energy. After the excessive heat energy produced by the heat resource device is processed by the heat exchanger, hot water or high-temperature high-pressure water vapor is output to the outside, and can be directly used for industries, such as heating and generating, which need an industrial heat source.

Additional title: 种基于低能核反应的热源设备
Patent number: CN109065189
Application date: 2018-08-08
Patent applicant: WANG ZHE
Patent family: 64678878
Author / Creator: WANG ZHE
Publisher: Europäisches Patentamt
Year of publication: 2018
Type of media: Patent
Type of material: Electronic Resource
Language: Chinese
Classification: IPC: G21C Kernreaktoren, NUCLEAR REACTORS