New Study: “Dark Matter Exists”

A new article posted on reports about an new article published in the Astrophysical Journal in which researchers at SISSA (The International School for Advanced Studies, in Trieste, Italy) report research that they consider provides proof that dark matter actually does actually make up 90 per cent of the universe, something that had been challenged by some researchers.

A statement from the article:

“We have studied the relationship between total acceleration and its ordinary component in 106 galaxies, obtaining different results from those that had been previously observed,” explains Paolo Salucci, professor of astrophysics at SISSA and one of the research authors. “This not only demonstrates the inexactness of the empirical relationship previously described but removes doubts on the existence of dark matter in the galaxies. Furthermore, the new relationship found could provide crucial information on the understanding of the nature of this indefinite component.”

The original research article, titled “The Radial Acceleration Relation (RAR): Crucial Cases of Dwarf Disks and Low-surface-brightness Galaxies” by C. Di Paolo, P. Salucci,2, and J. P. Fontaine
is here: