LION Experiment Published Showing ‘Tracks’ on Copper Plate from CrushedDiamond/D2 Reactor Tube

Here is a new comment from LION, describing a recent experiment he has run.

Having paid attention to what BOB has said about the work of Kenneth Shoulders I recently tried a new experiment, the results of which I here present.

First I ran one of my Diamond and D2 in a stainless steel sleeve inside a ceramic Tube for 24 hours and then left it to cool to room temperature.

I laid out a thick Newspaper on a tiled floor and opened it in the middle. I then placed a polished copper plate along its crease having first removed the thin protective blue plastic covering. On this copper plate I then placed in the middle of it the experimental Tube and covered it with the other half of the Newspaper, around which I drew with a Marker pen the outline of the Tube to aid me in making a clear strike. I took a sturdy hammer, took careful aim and crushed the Tube with one violent Blow

I then left it for 10 minutes before carefully placing one hand on top of the newspaper and one beneath while pressing firmly and flipping it over.

Opening the Newspaper I lifted up the copper plate and shook it to remove any dust. The copper Plate was then placed on paper and placed beneath the USB Microscope.

The Photographs below are the result.

I would like to Thank BOB for all his wonderful work that he has shared with all in the LENR community and sharing with us all the research of our Russian Colleagues from last years conference on Ball Lightening and cold Fusion.

I would like to Thank Axil for making me aware of Kieth Frederics work

Ed Lewis for his work:

I found this from Can on Lenr forum interesting:

This is the polished copper plate unblemished, ignore the black in all the pictures it is ccd damage in the usb microscope.


This is where the Tube was crushed