Lattice White Paper: LENRs Enable Green Radiation-Free Nuclear Power and Propulsion (Lewis Larsen)

Thanks to Greg Goble for the following comment and reference.

Studying this and learning… interesting history… excellent presentation. Worthy of its own thread and discussion. The race to LENR energy commercialization is gaining full stride… Quote L.L.”No a priori technical reason why LENRs could not scale-up as fast as fission did”. I’m fairly certain the oil and gas industry has advanced labs working on LENR energy systems. I expect we will see these corporate LENR players works’ soon. In the future we will likely be saying how stupid and ignorant we were to burn these valuable aromatic molecules. Once again, Lewis Larsen (pg 23) invites the oil/coal industry to create LENR feedstock. “LENR technology provides a compelling strategic opportunity for fossil fuel companies because it could enable future processing and conversion of aromatic molecules found in oil and coal into green CO2-free nanoparticulate LENR fuels that have >5,000x the energy density of gasoline.”

Lewis Larsen – May 16, 2019 “Lattice White Paper: LENRs enable green radiation-free nuclear power and propulsion”

If commercialized, LENRs could become one of the world’s preeminent energy technologies. At system electrical power outputs of just 5 – 10 kwh, modular LENR-based distributed power generation systems providing combined heat and electricity (CHP) could satisfy energy requirements of a majority of urban and rural households as well as smaller businesses worldwide. Much lower-output, revolutionary portable LENR power sources could displace chemical batteries in applications where ultrahigh performance and longevity are needed. At electrical outputs of 60 – 200 kwh, LENR-based integrated power generation systems would be able to power vehicles, drones, as well as smaller aircraft and watercraft. This would break oil-based fuels’ 150-year stranglehold on internal combustion engines and decisively decarbonize the entire transportation sector. High-performance LENR thermal sources could also provide high-quality heat for many types of industrial processes.