The SAFIRE Project – SAFIRE Reactor and Lab Walkthrough (Video)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing the following video from the SAFIRE project.

Montgomery Childs of the Safire Project gives a walkthrough of the Safire lab in which they are attempting to replicate the mechanism of the sun which they theorize that the sun: “is a positively charged force in a generally negatively charged environment. The idea behind it is that electricity is the primal force in the universe”.

The video shows the Safire chamber and the components that are used to create a plasma that they believe is an analogue of the sun, and various tools used to take measurements.

At the end of the video they briefly show a list of recent discoveries they have made:

> Dark mode plasma electromagnetic structures

> Sequestering of heavy elements to the SAFIRE core

> New elements confirmed by mass and optical spectra, SEM and EDAX

> Extreme atmospheric pressure changes as a response to high energy plasma discharges (may be analogous to the changes in the velocity of the solar wind due to CME’s)

They state that to date all data collected from SAFIRE confirms their hypothesis that electricity is the primal force in the universe.