Project OHMA — Claim of Elemental Transmutation From Low-Frequency Vibrations

Bob Greenyer and George Egeley are in the Tokyo Japan region for something called Project OHMA. They have been invited by a blogger called Sho (sp?) who is apparently very interested in LENR.

Bob explains in this podcast that he got a note via the MFMP’s website from Sho, who said there was a technology that is seemingly transmuting elements with only vibration/sound at low frequencies using quite simple/low-tech equipment. There are also apparently biological effects too.

The inventor of this technology is called Mr. Ohmasa (sp?) who runs a company called Nihontechno. Mr
He has supposedly discovered by vibrating water you get self organizing vortices within it, and reduced surface tension. Also, bubbles created within this system somehow don’t pop and don’t join together.

Ohmasa has given Bob and George a demonstration of their technology, and they have brought measuring instruments with them to do their own testing.

Bob has been posting about project OHMA on other threads here on ECW, I hope that we can keep the discussion going forward on this thread to help us stay organized.