Financial Times Covers Investors in Industrial Heat

The UK’s Financial Times has published a new piece about cold fusion, this time looking at the financial backing that has been given to Industrial Heat by British Financial Manager Neil Woodford, and such people such as actor Brad Pitt and Laurene Powell Jobs (widow and heir of Steve Jobs), and her brother Gregory Powell.

The article, titled “The long-shot science that attracted Brad Pitt and Neil Woodford” is here:

The article states that Industrial Heat has raised $100 million, and is valued at almost $1 billion, with one quarter of the company owned by Neil Woodford. (Woodford has been in the financial news recently as his Woodford Equity Income Fund has been frozen, with investors now unable to redeem their shares for the time being)

Only Industrial Heat’s chief executive Thomas Darden was willing to make a comment to the Financial Times. He stated that they are continuing with their efforts with cold fusion research, and have invested in many other researchers besides Andrea Rossi who they backed early, but since famously split from following the lawsuit he brought against them.

There are other news reports that have picked up on this FT story including CNBC here, and Business Insider here.