New Mizuno Paper Claims Improved Excess Heat Production in Nickel-Palladium Mesh System (COP of 5-10)

Thanks to Jed Rothwell for posting on Vortex-l a link to a preprint of a paper by Japanese LENR researcher Tadahiko Mizuno and Rothwell that will be presented at ICCF-22 in Italy later this year.

The title is: Increased Excess Heat from Palladium Deposited on Nickel

Here is the abstract:

We have developed an improved method of producing excess heat with nickel mesh coated with palladium. The new method produces higher power, a larger output to input ratio, and it can be controlled effectively. With 50 W of input, it produces ~250 W of excess heat, and with 300 W it produces ~2 to 3 kW. This paper is a comprehensive description of the apparatus, the reactant, and the method. We hope this paper will allow others to replicate the experiment.

The COP ranges reported here are between 5 and 10, which is very impressive as these are ranges that are hard to argue away as noise, and show potential for commercial application. The fact that he is encouraging replications is also very interesting, and if successful replications occur it would be very important for the field of LENR.

Here’s an image from the paper — the device was apparently used to heat a room in the north of Japan last winter: