Mizuno Responds to Additional Questions

On the Vortex-l mailing list Jed Rothwell has posted some questions that have been asked of Tadahiko Mizuno about replicating his recently published CF/LENR experiment. Jed, who speaks and reads Japanese, acts somewhat as an intermediary between interested experimenters because of the language barrier, so the answers he provides are his translations.

Q. Does the mass of reactant matter?

A. The more reactant you have, the better, so please put in as much as possible.

Q. Is there an optimum number of layers?

A. Probably, the more layers the better, without an upper limit.

Q. Is the choice of Pd important?

A. Probably not. But you should rub it hard. The hypothesis is that by strongly rubbing the Pd into the Ni, you break up the oxide layer and create complex phases of metal on metal. That’s what I think is happening, but I do not understand the mechanism yet.

Q. What about the choice of detergent, or the choice of the scrubbing pad?

A. I do not suppose the choice of detergent has an effect on excess heat generation. It probably has nothing to do with it. Just use whatever type you like. However, be sure to rinse thoroughly. This is necessary. I also doubt the choice of scrub pad has anything to do with heat generation. However, be sure to scrub the mesh thoroughly and then wash with alcohol.

In addition to this Q & A, Jed Rothwell reported on LENR Forum that he has revised the paper he and Mizuno jointly published. The updated version can be accessed here:


He says the most important revision is on page 12:

Three meshes are prepared for one test. . . .

Rubbing is done with a palladium rod, 100 mm long, diameter 5.0 mm, 99.95% purity. Before rubbing the mesh, weigh it with a precision scale. Then vigorously rub the entire surface, left and right and up and down. Turn the mesh over and rub the other side. Weigh the mesh again. Continue until the weight increases by 15 to 20 mg. The weight of the stack of three meshes should increase by about 50 mg.

[NOTE: I was confused about this. I thought the 50 mg of Pd was for one mesh. My mistake, not Mizuno’s.]