Italian Company to Demonstrate ‘Magnetic Motor’

Thanks to Alan Smith for sharing an invitation from an Italian company called D’Ambros that he received to a demonstration of a ‘magnetic motor’ made by HMSB Magnetic Energy Machine Production Consulting CO.

I would like to invite you to the “Proof Of Concept” of our magnetic motor (the Yildiz MM).
The test will be open to attendants. There will also be live streaming.
Test Product: 7,5 kW Magnetic Generator (HMSB 286 – Alfa 01)
Test location: Via Fratelli Cairoli, 62/b – Belluno – Loc. MUSSOI – 32100 – BL – ITALY
Test Date: July 5-6-7, 2019
For better Informations please go to:

Zephir also sent me this link about the same event:

At this link it states that to attend the event you need to pay € 1.222 (including VAT). I think in US/British figures this means 1,222 Euros. People who attend in person apparently will have priority of the purchase of the product, and a “possible” discount on the price of the product. They say that there is no guaranteed production start date yet.

A magnetic motor called the Yildiz motor, invented by Muammar Yildiz, has been around for some years. Here is a video of a demonstration from 2013: