Adrian Ashfield Dies

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for sharing the sad news of the death of Adrian Ashfield, a long-time contributor to this site and a friend and supporter of LENR. I was not aware that he had been ill, but Bob shared this about him:

He had been suffering from eyesight loss and so his ability to engage was becoming harder. I enjoyed many email conversations with this intelligent and accomplished man. The first thing he did when reaching out to the MFMP was offer us equipment. He was a good spirit whose positive attitude allowed him to create things others could not do. I feel for his family and friend.

An obituary can be found here:

Since we are mostly just computer commenters here, we really don’t know much about each other. People rarely share information about health and other personal issues, so it’s quite a shock to find out they are no longer with us. We each have only so much time to make contributions in this life. Thanks Adrian for yours, and may you continue to do good work in your new location. Condolences to your loved ones