Report: US Dept. of Defense Licensee of BLP SunCell (Cashmemorz) [Article Corrected]

UPDATE: I (Frank Acland) have received the following message from Navid Sadikali:

Request: please modify the article. My interview stated these facts.

1) The SunCell is running.
2) The DOD is a licensee through ARA.
3) The DOD was onsite to see the SunCell.

This was misinterpreted and needs to be corrected. I was not involved in writing “Randell Mills and the Search for Hydrino Energy” with Brett.

The following comment was posted by Cashmemorz on the Always Open thread.

“Department of Defense has a Suncell running on its premises as a licensee”:
by July 21,2019:
according to Navid Sadikali (CEO at in the first segment on a talk show at:

then scroll down to “End Of Petroleum talks Hydrino Energy – Live on Freedom Talk Live July 21, 2019”

It is finally happening, who has Rossi signed on, openly?

I have been asked what I am doing to get GUT-CP accepted by the academics in physics. Navid is the one actually doing something about that.

Mills knows the actual mechanisms involved in the E-Cat. No need to keep looking around at all of the various hypotheses being proposed elsewhere and waste any more time on that aspect of the E-Cat or its variants. By joining forces, that is what will break through the impasse formed by the physics community against GUT-CP and the device on Brilliant Light and Power and on sites such as this one as well.

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