Pico-Scale Physics and the E-Cat (Stephen)

The following comment was posted by Stephen on this thread.

After Andrea Rossi’s recent response on JONP I’ve been taking a look again at his paper. But this time with out preconceptions about the kinds of processes behind LENR.

It’s not easy as the paper is incredibly information rich and covers areas of physics which are difficult to grasp and integrate. But I think I’m beginning to get some of it even if I still have someway to go to understand it all.

It’s interesting that he really is discussing pico scale physics not nuclear physics or normal atomic physics. And in particular of dense pico scale structures. He talks about the surface areas of reflective surfaces in these dense structures at scales similar to the wave lengths of the particle waves involved and the implications in Casmir forces etc. he talks about light cones of relativistic particles and the implications of that for interactions. If I’m beginning to understand right it’s these structures that are responsible for his process and extraction of energy rather than from the nuclei themselves. Perhaps nuclei are involved to enable the structure and for the particle resonances them selves but if so it’s not the kind of processes we normally think of with LENR I might be wrong as I’m only beginning to start to understand most of what he wrote in that paper but if i am getting it I understand his wish to distinguish it from how we normally think of LENR. It has to be considered and understood words don’t give it justice if true.

Anyway I really recommend leaving behind preconceptions and reading that paper again to try and understand what it is really saying. I’m only beginning to start to understand parts of it perhaps my thoughts miss understood something. I’m very curious what others think about it.