Bob Greenyer to Speak on LENR at IEEE Meetings in Madison, Wisconsin, Sept 4-5, 2019

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Bob Greenyer, A researcher for the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project (MFMP) will be at Sector67 in Madison, Wisconsin, USA on Wednesday, September 4th from 11:00 AM until 1:00 PM to answer any questions you might have about his research efforts, or about replication. MFMP is dedicated to Open Science, with all of their research efforts open access and not patented. He will also speak Wednesday at 5:30 PM at the Helen C. White Hall.

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LENR — Low Energy Nuclear Reactions — may provide the world with limitless, inexpensive, carbon-free energy. Once called “Cold Fusion” and debunked as “Junk Science”, LENR has recently become a hot topic. Recently, Google invested $10Million in an MIT Lab attempting duplication. The Department of Defense and US Government has patented several devices, one of which is being commercialized by Global Energy Corporation, a spin-off of DoD Researchers. NASA has ordered a compact Fission/Fusion reactor based on LENR technology. LENR has now progressed from fiction to fact as a number of scientists and engineers around the world work on the technology.

A number of organizations around the world are attempting to duplicate LENR reactions. Bob Greenyer, a volunteer with the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, has studied many of the approaches and will be available to talk about the details of replication. Bob has either been a direct part of replication efforts, or has visited replicators around the world. Come and join a discussion with Bob on replication efforts. His in-depth knowledge of the technology can help replication efforts get a fast start. Here are some of the efforts he has been involved with:

Dog-Bone: A MFMP replication effort to duplicate Andrea Rossi’s Lugano LENR Reactor.
LION: An independent replication of a nickel-diamond deuterium fueled reactor.
LION-2: A duplicate of the LION Reactor.
Parkhomov: A Russian Research Lab’s replication of Andrea Rossi’s reactor.
Suhas Relkar: A High Power Ultrasonic/Electrical Discharge LENR fueled reactor.
OHMASA Gas: A Japanese Researcher’s LENR Charge-Cluster generator exhibiting LENR reaction signatures.
Mizuno: A Nickel-Deuterium Reactor with detailed plans available.

Here are links to some of the replication efforts:

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