SAFIRE Update: “Have achieved High Energy Discharges with Low Power Input” In Experiments Designed to Replicate the Sun

Thanks to Teppo for posting about a new video published by the SAFIRE project. Their goal has to replicate the operations of the sun in a plasma engine they have built for experimentation. They presented at the Electric Universe conference in Bath, UK in July and state that they find no disparities between their findings and their electric universe theory.

They are now saying that they have discovered the following

Stable self-organizing plasma double layer shells
Stable plasma tufts analogous to stella plasma tufting in the photosphere
Trapping of ions, electrons and molecules within double layers
Energy densities analogous to the sun
Electromagnetic confinement of matter
Steep voltage drop just off the surface of the anode
Acceleration of ions from the SAFIRE core
Spectral line broadening showing higher energies in plasma corona
Uniform thermal radiation emission
Creation of concurrent collisional and non-collisional plasma
High energy discharges with low power input
Chemistry as a catalyst to double layer formation
Slowing speed of light by 5x
Analogous transformer/capacitor behavior
Continuous spectrum from plasma double layers

From the YouTube video description:

“The SAFIRE Project is now able to make a number of definitive statements supported by concrete evidence, statements about: energy production; transmutation/creation of elements; remediation of radioactive materials; and the sun and interstellar medium – “If the process used to create the SAFIRE sun turns out to be similar to the process that creates the real sun … and stars … the scientific community would have a field day with door opening.”

At one point in the video, Montgomery Childs, the lead presenter states that during heat experiments, they were getting 100% — maximum power — with only 7% input. He says “the chamber shouldn’t be doing this”.

The full video can be seen here: