‘Substantial Modifications’ Made to E-Cat Based on Rossi’s Theory

In response to a request for an update on the current E-Cat R&D, Andrea Rossi posted the following today:

Andrea Rossi
September 12, 2019 at 3:00 AM
Yesterday we made an important step forward and substantial modifications have been made to the Ecat SK Leonardo. These modifications derived not from experimental phases, but directly from theoretical considerations and this fact not only improved the system, but reinforced the theoretical bases.
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Rossi has recently stated that the E-Cat is not a LENR technology, and now points to his Researchgate paper on ‘long range particle interactions’ as being the best explication of this theory. If his current theoretical work is guiding his development of the E-Cat, and if he is seeing improvements, then he might be onto something.

He talks here about making “substantial modifications” to the E-Cat SK Leonardo, which imply that they are still in the problem resolving phase, which is probably why we have not seen signs of commercial activity with the E-Cat.