Thunderbolts Project: “The SAFIRE Results Now Proves Cosmologists and Particle Physicists Don’t Understand Stars”

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for linking to this video from the Thunderbolts Project YouTube channel discussing an alternative to the conventional theory based on Sir Arthur Eddington’s assumption that the sun and stars are gravitating balls of hydrogen gas.

The alternative theory discussed on this video is the Electric Sun video where it is proposed that the sun “is plugged into a galactic circuit, and galactic circuits are the basis of plasma cosmology.”

In this video Wal Thornhill, chief science advisor to the Thunderbolts project, discusses the results of the recent presentation by the SAFIRE project.

Thornhill explains that the SAFIRE project is funded by the International Science Foundation. He states, “The SAFIRE results now proves cosmologists and particle physicists don’t understand stars”

Video is below: