Ecalox Turning Scrap Aluminum into Hydrogen and Aluminum Oxide

An article has been published on the British Institute of Engineering and Technology website about a company called Ecalox run by Alan Smith — who is also an admin at LENR Forum — which has developed a system to convert scrap aluminum into hydrogen and aluminum oxide in a facility in Essex, England.

The article provides a good written explanation of the Ecalox process, along with excellent photos showing the technologies involved. It is available here:

With $500 to $600-worth of aluminium scrap, Smith reckons his reactor could squeeze out $1,500-worth in aluminium oxide, plus all the energy it produces, he says.

The catalyst for the hydrogen-water reactor is fully recoverable, and is said to be an inexpensive material but kept a business secret for now, though it is certainly traceable in public scientific literature, Smith admits.

Alan’s goals are to develop a business operation with just a small portion of the scrap aluminum market: ““If we only get a tenth of the landfilled post-consumer aluminium waste we would be able to process 50,000 tonnes a year, sell almost 100,000 tonnes of aluminium hydroxide and create a 400,000MW energy business on the back of it.”