Condensed Plasmoids and Strange Phenomena (Mario Menichella)

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Mario Menichella, physicist and science writer for the E-Cat The New Fire website has written an article titled ‘Condensed Plasma, a theory for many “strange phenomena”‘ in which he reviews the recent presentation by Lutz Jaitner at the ICCF-19 conference looks at scientific reports throughout history in which strange phenomena have been observed in experiments “where electrons and matter form a special state which is predicted to produce extreme internal forces that lead to non-standard behavior”

The article can be read here:

Menicella writes:

“The form of nuclear energy production that you can obtain with condensed plasmoids is in alignment with that discussed recently in the literature by Andrea Rossi (2019) as embodied in his SK configuration. It is a nuclear process but one without harmful radiation. It embodies neither conventional nuclear fusion nor fission and the process is harmless to humans. The energy obtained from the process is largely due to an induced change in the atomic mass of participating materials.”