Deneum White Paper Reports Several Successful LENR Experiments, Parkhomov Joins Board of Advisors

Thanks for the readers who have pointed out the new white paper last updated on October 21st by Estonian company Deneum who report that since September 2019 they have been conducted several experiments which they say “have been successful, producing more energy than consumed.”

The paper reports an experiment performed in September 2019 using a reactor described as “a ceramic tube with 1.2 gram of Nickel powder inside. This tube is placed into another ceramic tube with a tungsten heater on the outer side of it. A thermocouple is placed between the two tubes. ” The reactor is evacuated of residual gases using a vacuum pump, and then injected with hydrogen. During a 5-day experiment using various power levels and temperatures, they measured the production of excess heat with a maximum COP of 3.6.

Details of the experiments and graphics are shown in the paper.

Interestingly, Russian LENR researcher Alexander Parkhomov is now listed as member of Deneum’s  board of advisors, working in research and expermentation.