Rossi: ‘Enormous Step Forward’ With Self Sustaining E-Cat, Hopes to Make Presentation This Year.

Andrea Rossi has been reporting important progress in his efforts to achieve his goal of making an E-Cat that will be permanently self-sustaining, meaning no input power is required for its operation. On November 1st he reported “Enormous step forward yesterday and today. We are going on faster now.”

As usual, he provides no technical details, images or video, but from comments he has made in recent days on the Journal of Nuclear Physics the progress he is excited about has come from the building of new apparatus that is currently under test, and which is working well so far, and the testing will continue through the end of November. He says he still hopes to make a presentation of this E-Cat during this year.

Here is a Q&A from the JONP yesterday:

Raffaele Bongo
November 3, 2019 at 3:40 PM

Hello A. Rossi
By following you on the blog I see that R & D is progressing well and that we will have the privilege of seeing the E-Cat Leonardo work soon?
1-Do you think you can do a web demonstration this year?
2-Do you plan in 2020 to replace the current industrial E-Cat with Leonardo E-Cat?
All my encouragement and support for your entire team
Best regards

Andrea Rossi
November 3, 2019 at 8:51 PM
Raffaele Bongo:
1- yes
2- yes
Within the end of November we will complete the extremely important series of tests on course and the answers will probably be more precise.
Thank you for yuour continue kind attention to the work of our Team,
Warm Regards,

Essentially, what Rossi is trying to do is extract enough electricity from the E-Cat’s plasma to power itself, and he has said that he is not using batteries in the process. I am still not convinced that we will see a demo this year. Rossi does says that they are “working like dogs”, but this seems to be a project fraught with difficulty, and with possibilities for setbacks.