EU Offering Research Funding for “Breakthrough zero-emissions energy generation” (Includes “long duration high heat sources from hydrogen-metal systems”)

Thanks to Mats Lewan for posting this comment in the thread below.

Has ECW noticed that EU is offering research funding for “Breakthrough zero-emissions energy generation” from “…for example, long duration high heat sources from hydrogen-metal systems (e.g., using nickel)…”?

The total amount together with research in “Human Centric AI” and “Implantable autonomous devices and materials” is EUR 113 mln.

“c. Breakthrough zero-emissions energy generation for full decarbonization. Clean and sustainable energy is one of the major challenges of our time. This sub-topic aims at the multidisciplinary exploration of new directions (starting from TRL 1-3) for power generation that is clean, compact and low-cost, aimed at stand-alone, mobile or portable uses in specific application contexts, for instance, in the transport sector (road, air, sea and either for motive or auxiliary needs), for portable uses, in remote places or in emergency situations. Breakthrough concepts and techniques for energy generation have to be explored for generating heat and/or electricity efficiently with zero emissions and with a minimal use of rare or toxic materials. Research areas could include, for example, long duration high heat sources from hydrogen-metal systems (e.g., using nickel), energy generation in plasma and cavitation systems. These or any other concepts with similar compact, high energy density and low-cost energy generation capabilities should be harnessed to make them usable for specific application contexts. Clear and ambitious performance targets and milestones to achieve them shall be provided.”