Mats Lewan and Bob Greenyer Report from the Global BEM Conference.

Bob Greenyer and Mats Lewan are both attending the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference taking place in the Netherlands this weekend. Below is an audio file of Bob and Mats discussing their impressions of the conference so far.

Mats Lewan was a speaker from the first day and he says because of a cold he ‘wrecked’ his voice. I hope at some point we can see a video of his talk.

Bob says he met Montgomery Childs from the SAFIRE project, and says he will be presenting tomorrow. He also says that that he had a discussion with a man who knew Yull Brown, and had bought one of the very few Brown’s gas generators that came from a Mongolian factory. Bob says that the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project is going to be given access to this generator and test it. Bob says he will soon make the manual available online.

Bob says that two of the speakers discussed some special properties of water and discussed some things connected with LENR. Mats says that even though the conference is outside the LENR community, there are connections to the LENR field.

They review Mats’ presentation and discuss some aspects of the lawsuit between Rossi and Industrial Heat.

Here are some of excerpts from what Mats says:

“Recently I started to understand what happened during that period, with the lawsuit between Rossi and Industrial Heat. Because he gave the recipe and all the instructions to Industrial Heat, but I think that at that time the E-Cat technology was still so unstable that it didn’t matter if you had the instructions, you needed to have the brain and the fingers of Rossi present to get it working. And I think that Industrial Heat actually were enormously frustrated because they couldn’t make it work. That’s my belief. So I think that was the start of the conflict, and they never understood each other. So they accused him of giving him a technology that didn’t work and he was sure it was working, so they ended up in a lawsuit, and they settled, so they were happy, everyone was happy . . .

“He [Rossi] says that the technology is now so stable that if you get the instructions on a sheet, the drawings, you will be able to buy all the parts on the internet for a few dollars and make it work in a week if you’ve got a decent level of technological understanding . . . He’s now trying to finalize the self-sustaining mode of it, making it produce electricity to feed its own controller electronics so that you can pull the plug and have infinite COP.

“My aim is to make him prove this with some kind of trustworthy entity. I will try to support him in doing that, and personally I would like to see this technology going open source and see if I can convince him into doing that. I can see that in the end he’s not so interested in money. He has what he needs . . . he wants recognition for having invented this.”

You can listen to the complete conversation between Mats and Bob here:

Here are is a page from the Global BEM website showing the program for the conference.