Two Reports of the SAFIRE Presentation at the Global BEM Conference

Long-time ECW contributor Gerard McEk attended the conference and has provided the following report.

Today I visited the second day of the GlobalBEM conference and I was also able to see the first day via Life Streaming. I enjoyed the presentation of Prof. Theo Almeida Murphy the first day. His presentation was about water and the many, by many of us unknown, properties of it, which I found quite fascinating. One of the interesting issues was about water gas and especially the Ohmasa gas. He showed us pictures that came from Bob Greenyer as Bob confirmed today. Prof. Murphy is certain that with polarization and vibration water can be energized, giving it healthy properties and unusual energy advantages to its surroundings.

Today SAFIRE gave again a great presentation. I had the pleasure to speak with both Montgomery Childs (Canadian) and Dr. Michael Clarage (USA). What strikes me that until now they concentrated on practical research on the electric sun model, not so much the why and how things theoretically can be explained. During a few years, they told us, they just investigated the plasma and the results were not that extraordinary to continue until the last half a year, where they started to use different kind of ‘gases’ and anode materials. The type of gas is unfortunately not disclosed but with certain mixes (some deuterium and/or lithium?) things changed. With only 7% of the design input energy, they got 100% of the design output (113 kW) This means a COP of about 14! And even a meltdown, totally impossible according them and scientists of a Los Alamos lab, they consulted.

They also saw multiple new elements and that were also confirmed by a Los Alamos lab that found even a few more. They can make manganese in the gas atmosphere of the reactor at will and have it disappear again! They are now preparing for a new phase to show that they can make energy. Michael Clarage prefers to treat radioactive material and deactivate it, as Michael expects to have NDA/Secrecy with the US issues, when generating energy.

I believe it is time that the world stands up and embraces this new technology without fighting for power, economical advantage or whatever, but develop this quickly, as it might be the only way that we can survive global warming. Let us join and pull all the strings we have, to avoid any country or company wants to keep this for themself. Let us develop this as a joint project to safe the world!

Also, Mats Lewan and Bob Greenyer have provided a video report from the Global BEM Conference in the Netherlands, after having listened to the presentation from the SAFIRE Project team. The video is below:

Mats says that after listening to the presentation he thinks what the SAFIRE project is describing is very similar to Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat, just on a much larger scale. He mentioned that the SAFIRE team reported having a very sudden ‘energy event’ where they reached 2000-3000 degrees, and he says he has heard that Rossi has experienced similar events. Bob says that the SAFIRE anode gets very ‘seriously disrupted’ which can cause problems for the reactor. He also reports that the SAFIRE team is producing ‘copious amounts’ of atomic hydrogen using a steel anode. They also say that they are not producing radioactive isotopes.