Unusual Story About a Catalytic Converter (Mats Lewan)

The following post was submitted by Mats Lewan.

I got in contact with a mechanic/inventor, working with niche applications with catalytic converters for two and four stroke engines. Through some personal contacts he received a test device—a catalytic converter with amounts of precious metals that supposedly were hundreds of times higher than in ordinary converters.

He mounted the device on a vehicle with a two-stroke engine and started his test system. It performed extremely well, and he then turned the engine off and left it in the workshop. When he came back a few hours later the catalytic converter was glowing white with heat.

He cooled it down with water but it soon turned red again. He then managed to detach it and throw it out of the workshop where it continued to glow. He left it outside the whole night at minus 10 degrees C, and the day after it had all melted and was still about 400 degrees C. Unfortunately he got rid of the melted metal block.

Since catalytic converters are built with lots of different metals, among them palladium and nickel, and since they get heated, I guess that this is not the only (LENR related) incident with this type of test devices with higher amounts of precious metals.

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