Replication Attempt of Ultrasonic Indium (Kedaz)

Thanks to Kedaz for submitting the following comment.

We have been starting a replication attempt of the Ultrasonic Indium today and the initial measurements is included in the following document and more will be added later on.

The samples was prepared in a class 1000 clean room environment. The indium was cleaned 1min in 10% HCL and rinsed in DI water and dried in nitrogen. 3 pce of the indium foil was immersed in ultrasonic bath in DI water and 1 pce kept as reference.

It was obvious that that that the ultrasonic treatment made severe damages to the indium. It was also discovered a metalic grains in the bath after the treatment.

On the reference sample (untreated) a EDS analysis could only detect Indium.

Most time was send on the treated samples searching for traces. Even though the surface was heavily damaged we had difficulties finding signs of transmutation. After some search we finally found an area where we could find O, AL, Ni, Fe and Ti. Most significant was 82% Ni in one spot and 14% Al in a nearby spot.