Rossi: Historic E-Cat Test on Saturday, November 23rd

It seems like Saturday, November 23rd, 2019 could be a very important day in the history of Andrea Rossi’s development of the E-Cat.

For the last few months he has been working towards a version of the E-Cat that not only can produce electricity directly, but also uses some of that electricity to provide the power it needs to sustain itself. Rossi calls this Permanent Self-Sustain mode.

I asked Rossi today if Saturday would be he decisive day in this round of R&D. He replied: “If positive, yes, if negative we will have to continue the experiment and understand where are the errors.”

If he can pull this off it would be an incredible feat. If Rossi’s  claims are true, he would have created an electricity generator that could run on miniscule amounts of fuel for months at a time, that would produce no greenhouse emissions and producing no ionizing radiation. It really does sound like something you would read about in a science fiction novel.

It will be interesting too see what he reports. A claim of success would be exciting for some people who have been following his work closely, but I think the response for most people will be, okay – now show us what you’ve got. Until he does that, posts on the Journal of Nuclear Physics won’t mean a lot.

Mats Lewan posted this here on ECW today:

“The essential consequence of the SSM version is that he will be able to do a demo pulling the plug and eliminating the input power altogether. That makes verification simple: Any amount of heat produced over a sufficiently long time proves energy production beyond chemical reactions. Done.
And as far as I understand, he’s ready to do such a test as soon as he achieves a stable sum version. No sigma stuff. Will try to assist him in this.”

I hope that if the SSM test is successful that he and Rossi can work together to put on a show for the world to see it in action.

But first things first, let’s wait to see what Andrea Rossi reports from the lab on Saturday.