SPACE . EARTH . HUMAN . Update (Bob Greenyer)

Thanks to Bob Greenyer for posting this comment in the Always Open thread.

SPACE . EARTH . HUMAN . is coming

Translation and proof reading finished (pending notes from Author). Book layout has begun.

Parkhomov in his book, calculates that you need approximately 100V + to start synthesising Neutrinos of the slow type needed for LENR. Now, hold that in mind when you look at Mondaini’s work here

Look at the threshold when the reaction changes. Now,

e + v + p + p > D

electron + slow neutrino + proton + proton > Deuterium*_from_FusionAll_where_E1eqHandE2eqHByMeV.html

This results in D and the abundance of OH that Mondaini, Ohmasa and Stankovic observed in their solutions/gasses and that Mondaini physically observed on his hands and from radio spectra.

As I said at ICCF-22, the 10 Yen coin was cut like a laser, at least in part, because the OH, IMHO, self-mased (Microwave ovens heat your food by vibrating the OH bonds in water – rest is obvious).

In the case of Mondaini’s observation of Si formation from Al, this is just Al fusion with the resulting D inside the EVOs.*_from_FusionAll_where_lbE1eqHorE1eqDrbandE2eqAlByMeVDesc.html

D is far more favourable energetically.