More Q&As with Rossi: Three SKLs Built and Working

There continues to be a series of Q&As on the Journal of Nuclear Physics about the E-Cat SK Leonardo, and

One question was about the number of E-Cat SKLs that have been built:

November 29, 2019 at 7:43 AM
Dear Mr Rossi
I have just two questions :
1. How many working E-Cat SKL have you built ?

AR: three

2. Are they still working since last Saturday ?

AR: yes

Some more questions from Gerard McEk:

Gerard McEk
November 28, 2019 at 4:42 PM
Dear Andrea,
Some remarks an questions, if I may:

1. Heat verses electricity is indeed very useful, but can also the output power of the ECat Leonardo be modulated? I know that you van put them in series and in parallel, but it would also be flexible if the Ecat output power can be modulated to some extend.

AR: yes

2. Will the verification test in January also include safety tests? If that is done it might be put on the market more easily, perhaps.

AR: yes

3. Can the single module of the Leonardo be built to any power, do you think?

AR: no

4. A 20 kWe/h unit might be the right size for many applications (domestic, cars and building bock for larger applications). I would recommend that size. Is that feasible?

AR: yes

I wish you many success with the further tests and the preparation for the verification test.
Thanks and kind regards, Gerard

In addition, yesterday I asked him about the group that Rossi has stated will be doing the testing of the E-Cat SKL in January. Ross has stated that it will be an ‘verifying entity’ that is known throughout the world. I asked him if this entity was “known for providing independent evaluation of products?”, and his answer was “Yes.”

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