Book: Uncovering the Missing Secrets of Magnetism (Ken Wheeler)

The following post has been submitted by Martin.

Ken Wheeler’s book on magnetism is worth a look at by anyone interested in understanding the
LENR phenomenon in my view. His views on science are unconventional to say the least.

Going back to the ‘greats’ of Maxwell, Tesla, and Steinmetz he revives both the consideration of both
dielectricity and the ether theory. His principle claim is that magnetism has to do with space
expansion and movement, and dielectricity has to do with counter-space (the ether), and inertia.
Electricity is the conjunction of the dielectric and magnetic and is to magnetism what dielectricity
is to mass/gravity. The image below should hopefully ring a few bells!

Obviously there are many on here with a good working knowledge of contemporary scientific
theory. I have no idea to what extent his ideas may appear crackpot to those with a good
knowledge of physics, etc., but I think that if his theory helps suggest or provoke interesting
thoughts then it doesn’t matter if it can be shown to be wrong.

His experiments with magnets and his explanation of the forces at work seemed relevant to the discussion here so I thought it worth posting here. His book can be found here:

And he does many videos on YouTube under the name Theoria Apophasis.