Neighborhood Evacuated After Man Reported Being Burned by ‘Quantum Physics Generator’

Various news outlets are reporting an incident that took place in a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood in which emergency responders and nuclear experts were dispatched to a home after a man called 911 reporting having been burned by “radio frequency burns” while operating a “quantum physics generator” in his garage.

Nuclear experts were brought to the scene following the mention of alpha waves and a particle accelerator. Radiation testing was done but nothing hazardous was found.

Here’s a  link to an article about the incident from the website of the Cincinnati Enquirer

Quote from the article:

“A 911 call Thursday led to a precautionary evacuation of an entire street in a Northwest Side neighborhood in Columbus over concerns about a possible small nuclear reactor and alpha waves reported by a resident who said he sustained burns in his garage on the device. In the end, authorities found no hazard. The man will undergo a mental-health examination and may face charges of inducing a panic.”