Rossi Working on Correcting ‘Weak Points’ E-Cat SKLs to Ensure ‘Long-term Reliablity’

It has been two weeks since Rossi reported success with making the E-Cat SKL self–sustain in a closed loop manner, and a reader on the JONP asked an interesting question on the Journal of Nuclear Physics regarding the first three E-Cat SKLs that Rossi says have been under test.

Rick 57
December 7, 2019 at 11:41 AM
Dear Andrea,

are the 3 Ecat SKL still running since Nov 23 in electrical SSM without any manual intervention / stop to fix or prevent potential problems ?

Andrea Rossi
December 7, 2019 at 12:38 PM
Rick 57:
We are continuing to work on them and with them, hoping to be mature for a presentation in January or February. We are finding out the weak points related to the reliability in the long term.
I am satisfied and optimist, while we are working on them, not just looking at.
Warm Regards,

So it doesn’t sound like the operation of the E-Cat SKLs has been problem-free. Rossi says they are seeing some weaknesses and working to correct them. He mentions ‘reliability in the long term’, implying that there may have developed some issues with these E-Cats after sustained operation.

I am sure it is very important to him that when the time comes for the third-party testing of the E-Cats, and especially the live presentation, that they don’t malfunction. I guess this might be the reason he has said lately that he is “working like a dog”, and has “been under strong pressure”.