E-Cat SKL Presentation Will Take Place in Stockholm

Today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics Sam suggested that since next year’s Super Bowl will be held in Miami, Rossi get the University of Miami involved in testing, and the announcement of the results be tied in with the Super Bowl.  But it seems that won’t be happening, as Rossi replied:
Andrea Rossi

The decisions regarding the tests have already been made and the certification Team knows how to do it.
After the end of their work we will make the presentation in Stockholm.
Warm Regards,

Stockholm makes sense since it is the Swedish capital and provides easy access for visitors. There should be suitable venues for a presentation with all the technical facilities and equipment to transmit to the world.

Rossi stated yesterday that the date of the commencement of the testing has already been determined (some time in January) and they will last “until the tests will be completed”.