UFOlogy No Longer Taboo Subject?

It seems that there’s an increase in discussion of UFO-related subjects in mainstream media outlets these days. For many years it is a subject that has been dismissed, ignored and often ridiculed by the mainstream, and thus has been confined to a fringe status where people who take the subject seriously make up a somewhat isolated community which is safely ignored by most.

But there seems to have been change in the status of Ufology since the New York Times reported in December 2017 that the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) had operated and funded a program a program for investigating UFOs, and they published videos of US military pilots encountering UFOs.

Yesterday the New York Post published an article (https://nypost.com/2019/12/14/2019-was-banner-year-for-credible-ufo-sightings/) about the new interest in UFOs titled “2019 was banner year for credible UFO sightings” which reports about notable news reports in the field from this year, along with some dramatic UFO encounters reported by civilians.

Along with the article, the New York Post published a video which is the first in a series of programs called ‘The Basement Office’ in which journalist Steven Greenstreet takes a detailed look at UFO phenomena and interviews former UK Ministry Defence official Nick Pope who ran the UK’s UFO program.
Pope states in this interview:

“The consequences, if any of this is true, if just one case true, are so huge that it would be the biggest revelation in the human experience. We would have to rethink everything we think we know about ourselves, our place in the cosmos, and it is scary”