Rossi: 23 People on his E-Cat Team

Trying to get a better idea about the extent of the manpower behind the current E-Cat project I asked some questions today on the Journal of Nuclear Physics.

Frank Acland
December 19, 2019 at 9:29 AM
Dear Andrea,

About your team:

1. Is the team that is working with you on the various aspects of the E-Cat growing since your first successful run of the E-Cat SKL in November?
2. How many persons are now in the team, roughly?
3. Will we hear from some of your team members at the upcoming presentation?

Andrea Rossi
December 19, 2019 at 11:11 AM
Frank Acland:
1 yes
2 23
3 I think so
Warm Regards,

Rossi stated earlier that there were seven people including him who were involved in the November experiments when he reported his first success with the E-Cat SKL. I believe those tests took place somewhere in the USA. Yesterday when Rossi was asked where he was currently working he said “we are working in the USA and Europe”, so maybe the 23 workers are spread over both locations.

Even so, 23 workers is not an especially large workforce, especially if not all of them are involved full time.

There was another question today on the JONP asking Rossi “do you have a partnership with an important manufacturer for the electronic parts or some other unveiled parts ?”. His answer was “Yes, we have. The names of our Partners are confidential.”

Whether we will find out much more about his partners and working team at the upcoming presentation remains to be seen.